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Don’t Wait! Benchmark Your Projects NOW!

Don’t Wait!  Benchmark Your Projects NOW!

Finding the Leaks NOW will Prevent Big Headaches LATER...

Energy IQ has tested countless houses for our builders.  Very few are meeting the 3 ACH (air changes per hour) leakage standard that will be MANDATORY in a few short months!  Even houses insulated with spray foam are not passing!  Yet I am not seeing much concern out there...

So, I am now sounding the alarm!

ATTENTION BUILDERS!  Getting to 3 ACH will require immense attention to detail.  ALL holes, cracks, seams, and gaps must be sealed.

There are no exemptions, and no "visual inspection option" anymore.  ALL new homes must be tested for leakage and will receive a report detailing the results.  There is no way to know if a house will pass until it is complete, because only a completed house, completely drywalled, trimmed-out, and painted, will be tight enough to meet the new leakage standards.  You only get one clean shot to pass.

Correcting a failure will likely mean taking finish walls down to seal the leaks!  This could mean weeks of delays and thousands of dollars to fix the problem!

But before you can fix anything, you will first have to figure out WHERE the leaks are.  The blower door test only measures HOW MUCH leakage there is.  It will not tell you WHERE all the leaks are located.  Energy IQ has several ways to help you find the leaks, but that additional diagnostic work and specialized equipment and re-testing the house will add more time and cost.

You cannot afford to wait for the 2015 IECC transition to figure this out!

The perfect time to test your projects is NOW, before you are "on the hook" for performance!


Energy IQ Offers Complete Diagnostic Testing Services to Help you Get Ready:

We can test your current projects for leakage NOW, well ahead of the code change date.

  • • This "benchmark" will tell you if the dwellings would pass or fail, and by how much.
  • • Optionally, we can conduct infrared thermal imaging to locate major sources of leaks.
  • • This will allow you to develop strategies and techniques to help ensure compliance next year.
  • • Depending on unit volume, more tests done over time can gauge impacts of new strategies.

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Energy IQ Can Improve Your Bottom Line

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