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Energy Code

Energy IQ is a full-service third-party energy code and green program certification provider. We provide energy inspection, testing, and rating services for new and existing construction. We can help you achieve optimal and cost-effective energy performance in your projects based on your specific needs.

All of our inspectors are highly-trained, senior-level staff. They are all fully-certified as Energy Code Inspectors and HERS Raters. They hold a variety of advanced Building Science and Green Building credentials as well.

Whether you need basic energy code compliance or a deeper shade of "green", Energy IQ can help and more importantly - we make it painless!

Energy Efficiency & Sustainability

Energy IQ is the smart choice for managing your energy use. We help our clients develop and execute programs and strategies to make their businesses more efficient and sustainable.

Energy IQ can improve your bottom line on "both sides of the meter."

We reduce and control energy usage on the demand side.

We optimize pricing through competitive rate analysis & procurement on the supply side.

Energy IQ will help you evaluate options and develop solutions that fit your organization's needs and budget. We have the know-how & resources to make your energy management vision a reality.

Energy IQ Can Improve Your Bottom Line

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