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TXU Parent Nears Insolvency

Thursday, February 27th, 2014

The electricity market landscape in North Texas could be in for a shake-up soon!

As reported in the Wall Street Journal, Energy Future Holdings Corp. (EFH) is in the process of trying to secure loans for operating capital as talks with its creditors have failed to produce an acceptable restructuring agreement on its $40 billion-plus in debt!

EFH’s problems stem from incorrectly forecasting a rise in natural gas prices, as well as their large portfolio of coal-fired power plants that are idle or underutilized due to EPA regulations.

If you are currently a TXU customer, you should be seriously considering your options.  If TXU is in dire financial shape, how can you be sure they are giving you the best rates?  What will their bankruptcy mean for you and/or your business?  Perhaps the time to switch is NOW…

Whether you are with TXU or not, Energy IQ’s Rate Advisory service can help you find the best rates and products from the other high-quality retail electric providers in the market.

Our simple, 4-step process will quickly help any business, large or small, SAVE BIG MONEY!

We know the key factors that impact utility pricing, & use the magic of market competition, to get you the optimal products, terms and pricing for your company!  And, as your Trusted Advisor for energy, we will keep saving you money, year after year!

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Dallas Green Building Code Phase 2

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013

The City of Dallas will be implementing Phase II of the Green Building Program on October 1, 2013.

What You Need to Know:

Third Party Reviews

Under the new Phase II Code of Conduct, a third party reviewer is no longer allowed to review and approve plans and inspections for projects within their own company.  There will be a new policy related to conflict of interest, which specifically states the Green Building Third Party Reviewer must literally be a third party to the project and the firms involved.  Even the LEED consultant will not be allowed to be the third party green consultant.

In addition to the revised Code of Conduct, Phase II also revises the requirements of the Third Party Providers.  Previously, under Phase I a provider became eligible by having a LEED AP designation, IECC certification, or simply one year of experience in Green building enforcement.  Phase II now requires that all providers either have a LEED AP with specialty designation, ICC certification for plan review and inspections, or are a Green Built Texas Verifier (for residential providers only).  Phase II eliminated the IECC designation and LEED AP without specialty, which has greatly reduced the number of qualified third party providers.

You will want to check with any providers you may have contracted with in the past to ensure their compliance with the Phase II requirements as a third party provider.

**Remember also that compliance with 2009 Energy Code is required on new square footage and is treated as a separate third-party inspection process by the city.  Make sure you check with your Green Building provider up-front on the extent of their services.

New Green Building Requirements

The City of Dallas has also increased the requirements in which a building design must follow in order to pass the Green Building plan review and inspection.

Commercial buildings may follow one of three path options:

1. Design the building to meet a minimum of 40 points as part of the LEED 2009 rating system;

2. Meet the minimum requirements for certification under the ASHRAE 189.1 program; or

3. Follow the new Chapter 61 Dallas Green Construction Code. The Dallas Green Construction Code has adopted specific chapters of the 2012 IgCC, with amendments.  This code is much more stringent than the requirements under the Phase I Green Code.

Residential buildings may follow one of four path options:

1. Follow the requirements of ICC-700 2008 with a minimum of 222 points;

2. Meet the requirements of LEED for Homes 2008 with a minimum of 45 points;

    3. Meet the requirements of Green Built Texas v3 mandatory provisions; or

    4. Follow the Dallas Residential Green Code prescriptive requirements. The Dallas prescriptive path is by far the least restrictive path option, but in some cases, other path options may be best suited for the site or building.

    How We Can Help

    Energy IQ is a fully accredited Dallas Green Building Phase II third-party service provider and 2009 Energy Code provider .  If you are in need of a third party provider for plan review and inspections, please contact us.

    The City of Dallas will be posting information regarding Phase II requirements online soon.  We’ll provide a link to this information as soon as it’s posted and will continue to provide updates so please check back with us periodically.


    EIQ Tapped for MIT Study on ICF Homes

    Thursday, January 13th, 2011

    In recognition of the level of quality and excellence of our work, EIQ Residential was recently honored to be selected to perform diagnostic testing for a study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The Concrete Sustainability Hub at MIT is undertaking this work with the aim of assessing the energy performance of houses built using Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) construction.

    Insulated Concrete Form houses are constructed of hollow styrofoam blocks that interlock, much like legos. The blocks are then filled with concrete to form an extremely strong and airtight building.